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Off the shelf & into the clinic


With our insights into hundreds of mechanisms and targets and how they affect major patient sub-groups across diseases, we identify valuable precision medicine opportunities for shelved assets, bringing forward new medicines for patients and maximizing returns on R&D investments.

New value from spent RandD

New value from spent R&D

We undertake a fast and comprehensive analysis of shelved drug programs and assets using our novel disease biology insights to evaluate their precision medicine potential in the original and new indications, either individually or for a whole company portfolio.

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Out-licensing opportunities

We identify multiple secondary indication opportunities with detailed supporting evidence packages covering MoA, genetic evidence, prevalence, druggability, modality and all supporting literature. This creates valuable new out-licensing propositions that combine primary and secondary indication data packages and regulatory submissions.

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Combined Out-licensing Data Package
Drug program revival

Drug program revival

Novel IP in the form of our mechanism-based patient stratification biomarkers allow biopharma companies to revive stalled programs. These biomarkers identify and select patients who are strong responders to the drug candidate for inclusion in clinical trials - derisking clinical development and accelerating approvals.

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Patient Stratification Biomarkers

Our mechanism-based patient stratification biomarkers (PSBs) are unique, patentable IP that capture mechanistic insights into the mapping of causative disease biology to patient subgroups.

These disease insights go far beyond traditional genetic analysis or knowledge graph approaches and enable PrecisionLife to accurately evaluate a target’s secondary indication opportunities across multiple diseases and therapeutic areas.



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Analysis of out-licensing opportunities, competition and licensees

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Novel PSBs add tangible new IP, value and precision medicine potential to existing programs

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Help with out-licensing / partnering of programs & assets with PrecisionLife’s network

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Secondary indications report with comprehensive data package


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