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Finding better ways to treat diseases

Our unique approach powers an Innovation Engine creating new treatment opportunities for precision biopharma and healthcare.

We generate the deepest understanding of the biology driving chronic diseases, stratifying patient populations at an unprecedented resolution to define new subgroups of patients.

With these insights we discover novel drug targets, drug repositioning candidates, and biomarkers to identify the patients who will benefit from them.

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Creating more personalized therapeutic opportunities

Chronic diseases, such as dementia, diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory, and autoimmune disorders, account for over 80% of healthcare spending.

However, they haven’t benefited from advances in genomic medicine as much as cancer or rare diseases because they are caused by a more complex interplay of multiple genes and biological factors.

People with a chronic disease may share the same diagnosis, but have different causes of disease, disease trajectories, and responses to treatment.

Multiple biological mechanisms can lead to the same clinical symptoms. Depending on which mechanism a drug targets, different treatments will be more successful in some patients than others.

The challenge for biopharma and healthcare is understanding which targets and drugs will work for which subgroups of patients.

Our Innovation Engine generates patient stratification biomarkers to deliver these precision medicine insights across dozens of chronic diseases.


Novel drug targets and indication extension opportunities, all with patient stratification biomarkers

Clinical trials

Clinical trial analysis to identify drug response biomarkers and patient responders 


Diagnostic biomarkers and combinatorial risk scores


Clinical decision support and personalized digital health tools

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Generating more disease insights than any other approach

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Combinatorial analytics

Our concept of chronic disease is different from traditional genomic approaches. Instead of looking for variants in single genes to explain disease, we analyze how interactions between multiple, relatively common variants, and other external factors come together to trigger disease processes.

Understanding the non-linear impact of these interactions allows us to perform high-resolution patient stratification, revealing how different aspects of disease biology affect subgroups of patients and enabling us to identify novel drug targets tailored to these patient subgroups.

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We’ve now run over 40 chronic disease datasets through our PrecisionLife® combinatorial analytics platform, and we’re analyzing 2 more every month. Our studies have generated deep insights into the mechanisms underpinning every one of these diseases.

We’ve discovered hundreds of new biomarkers that identify clinically relevant patient subgroups who share a disease mechanism, with novel drug targets and indication extension opportunities for treating them. All of these proprietary and protectable insights are stored in our DiseaseBank repository.

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Time to insight

Our AI and combinatorial analytics reveal unprecedented new detail in each of the diseases we study, and each one generates insights that are worthy of years of investigation. But they don’t take years to run.

Our platform is highly efficient – we use our proprietary and patented mathematical framework and high-performancehigh-performance GPU computing solutions from Nvidia to perform our analysis in just a few days. Even with extensive validation, interpretation, and evaluation of the results, most of our studies are completed within a few weeks, delivering ground-breaking discoveries at exceptional speed and scale.

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Deployment platform

Sometimes security and privacy concerns, consent / jurisdictional issues, or simple practicality may mean that we can’t directly download patient datasets. In these cases, we deploy our PrecisionLife platform onto the data server.

We provide flexible deployment options, and we’ve run our disease studies successfully within multiple GPU-enabled Trusted Research Environments, including AWS, GCP, Azure, United Health Group’s Clinical Discovery Portal, HDR UK/SAIL, and Hitachi Vantara’s PMP.

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Precision Biopharma

Novel treatment options to improve and derisk your pharmaceutical innovation

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Precision Healthcare

Predict and prevent chronic diseases with better, more personalized healthcare

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Biopharma partnering opportunities

Our pipeline of biopharma assets includes novel drug targets with genetic linkage and patient stratification biomarkers in over 40 chronic diseases.

We also have opportunities at all stages of development, for precision repositioning of treatments for subgroups of patients with unmet medical needs.

Our pipeline