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Why partner with us

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In-license novel targets for drug discovery and potential drug repositioning opportunities, with full data packages

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Understand the link between dysregulated biological pathways and multiple disease indications

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License biomarkers to select patients for clinical trials and as complementary diagnostic tools to support product launch

Partnering with us

Translational discovery advantage

We resolve complex chronic diseases which often appear untreatable because the current clinical ontologies do not distinguish between a mixture of underlying causes.

Our high-resolution patient stratification reveals previously unrecognized disease mechanisms which bring with them new targets for drug discovery and opportunities for first-in-class medicines.

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Biomarker-driven discovery

Our patient stratification provides biomarkers for the selection of highly relevant translational disease models, in patient selection for clinical trials, and in the design of companion diagnostics.

The right targets with the right efficacy

To ensure the right targets are selected, we apply proven drug discovery evaluation frameworks, such as the 5Rs criteria for small molecules1, and extend them to include the selection of targets with the right efficacy potential to minimize late-stage failure risks in downstream clinical trials.

1. Morgan, P. et al. (2018) Impact of a five-dimensional framework on R&D productivity at AstraZeneca, Nature Reviews Drug Disc. 17, 167-181

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Benefits of our unique approach

Our Innovation Engine enables a precision medicine approach to complex diseases – uniquely matching targets to patients with an underlying biological cause that will respond to a new treatment.

We integrate all forms of large datasets to rapidly provide links to new areas of biology and potential new therapeutic targets.

And our stratification of patient groups identifies biomarkers that accurately match your treatment to responders in both trials and the clinic.

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Gain translational discovery advantage

Select and in-license the right targets for drug discovery based on deep understanding of the disease biology across your patient population.

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