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Why partner with us

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Get a prioritized list of your evaluated precision repositioning opportunities matched to patient subgroups

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Full data packages supporting method of use patent filing for assets in new indications

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Patient stratification biomarkers identifying potential responders for the secondary indication

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Ongoing evaluation of secondary indication potential for your pipeline and in-licensing assets

Partnering with us

Maximize portfolio returns

We evaluate marketed drugs, current development candidates, and in-licensed assets to identify and validate precision repositioning opportunities, prioritizing those with the highest market potential and quickest route to market.

Our evaluation includes detailed analyses of each asset’s:

  • Disease prevalence & patient stratification
  • Mechanism of action hypothesis
  • Efficacy potential
  • Dosage and route of administration
  • Safety & toxicity
  • Published & proprietary clinical evidence
  • FTO & composition of matter patent life
  • Regulatory environment
  • Revenue potential
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Precision drug repositioning with high efficacy potential

Precision repositioning with high efficacy potential

Understanding the near-term repositioning opportunities creates additional revenue opportunities by putting drugs on the market quicker and cheaper in secondary indications and by providing complementary diagnostics tools alongside each out-licensing drug program.

Matching treatments to patient biomarkers

Our companion stratification biomarkers accurately match your targets to the subgroups of patients who are likely to show positive treatment response from drugs targeting those mechanisms in new indications - accelerating market approval and increasing value-based returns.

Match treatments to patients

Benefits of our unique approach

We’ve uncovered the mechanistic architecture and biological drivers of diseases at an unprecedented level of detail across dozens of major disorders.

These proprietary insights are stored in DiseaseBank™ ready to systematically map your assets to clinically relevant patient subgroups who will benefit from drugs targeting those mechanisms in secondary indications.

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Maximize your portfolio returns

Repurpose your drugs and candidates as valuable new precision medicines, at reduced risk and cost, maximizing the returns on your R&D

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