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A better approach to drug repositioning

The usual approach to drug repositioning – graph-based literature analysis – has massive annotation biases, misses truly novel opportunities, and does not provide supporting IP that can be used to accelerate, derisk and add value to programs.

Our systematic mechanistic analysis of targets and drug candidates identifies novel precision repositioning opportunities and provides deep evidence packages including novel IP in the form of companion biomarkers to support a faster and cheaper route to the approval of new therapies with greater probability of success.

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Deeper insights and genetic evidence

Our detailed understanding of the drivers and causality of disease biology in patient sub-populations uniquely enables us to identify, validate and prioritize repositioning opportunities with the greatest commercial and clinical potential.

INDx evaluation includes detailed analyses of each asset:
•    Disease prevalence & patient stratification
•    Mechanism of action hypothesis
•    Efficacy potential
•    Dosage & route of administration
•    Safety & toxicity
•    Clinical evidence
•    Competition & revenue potential

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Precision drug repositioning with high efficacy potential
Novel biomarker IP

New opportunities with additive value

Mechanism-based biomarkers related to the target are provided for each secondary indication opportunity that we identify.

This novel biomarker IP drives clinical trial enrichment by identifying patient subgroups most likely to respond to treatment, accelerating and derisking clinical development and enhancing market adoption.

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Patient Stratification Biomarkers

We've developed the deepest understanding of disease biology, validating the genetic causes, drug targets, and MoA hypotheses in specific patient sub-populations across over 50 indications.

Our disease insights go far beyond traditional genetic analysis or knowledge graph approaches, enabling us to accurately evaluate an asset’s secondary indication opportunities across multiple diseases, with mechanism-based patient stratification biomarkers (PSBs) that provide novel, patentable IP to each of your programs.

PSBs - Patient Stratification Biomarkers v2-1


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Systematic analysis of targets, drug candidates, and indication areas to identify secondary indication opportunities
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Novel target-indication biomarkers adding tangible new IP, value and precision medicine potential to existing programs
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Secondary indications report with comprehensive data and IP package including deep genetic evidence


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