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Categorize into subgroups icon

Accurately diagnose patients and categorize into subgroups with specific biological mechanisms

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Gain deep insights to select the best treatments and care pathways for identified diseases

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Benefit from more accurate and personalized risk scores to predict an individual’s personal risks

Partnering with us

PDx Innovation Engine

Complex chronic diseases, unlike most cancers and rare diseases, are inherently polygenic, with many genetic variants and other factors acting together to cause a spectrum of symptoms that a clinician groups into the same diagnosis because they present with similar clinical features.

Our approach is uniquely able to identify how combinations of genetic, clinical, and environmental factors act together to cause disease.

By understanding these underlying biological mechanisms, we more accurately diagnose disease and classify specific patient subgroups that to be targeted with new treatments.

Early and accurate diagnosis of disease

The use of genomic data to characterize and diagnose disease at the point of care is becoming commonplace in cancer and rare diseases but has yet to expand into more complex chronic diseases.

Our precision diagnostics solutions enable a personalized approach to treatment based on specific disease subgroups and underlying mechanisms.

We help focus healthcare resources on the individuals most at risk and most likely to benefit from specific interventions.

Our insights identify the factors that change the trajectory of more serious disease complications, which improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Addressing unmet medical needs-min

Develop better diagnostic and prognostic tools

Drive early and accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment for chronic diseases

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