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Beginning to Unravel the Biological Drivers of ME

We have for the first time potentially identified some of the different genetic mechanisms causing ME/CFS and used this to stratify patients.


Genetic Risk Factors for Severe and Fatigue Dominant Long COVID

PrecisionLife identified the first detailed genetic risk factors for long COVID and common mechanisms with ME/CFS and other complex diseases


Genetic Subtypes in Endometriosis with Combinatorial Analytics

Latest stratification results show potential for combinatorial analytics to improve risk prediction and drive precision medicine in endometriosis


Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS Identified using Combinatorial Analysis

Groundbreaking study published in the Journal of Translational Medicine provides the first detailed genetic insights into the mechanisms underpinning ME/CFS


Precision Neuroscience

Extending precision medicine into neurological, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative diseases


Cross-Disorder Patient and Mechanistic Stratification using Combinatorial Analyses

Our analyses indicate that subgroups of patients with CNS diseases have common pathophysiological drivers that may contribute to specific common clinical manifestations.


Combinatorial Analysis of ALS and FTD Patient Genomes to Identify Cross-Disease Mechanisms

Our analyses provides insights into subgroups of patients with ALS and FTD with common pathophysiological drivers that may underlie specific overlapping clinical manifestations, allowing us to develop precision medicine interventions targeted at mechanisms occurring in both diseases.


Patient Stratification of Asthma Population Reveals Distinct Genetic & Mechanistic Differences between T2-High and T2-Low Asthma

The PrecisionLife platform identified 2,483 SNPs that were highly associated with T2-high asthma and 1,182 SNPs in the T2-low cohort with only 36 common between the two datasets.

Disease Study

Alzheimer's Disease Study

Understanding disease mechanisms to identify novel targets and patient stratification biomarkers - improving the probability of future clinical trial success in Alzheimer's disease

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