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Genetic Risk Factors for Severe and Fatigue Dominant Long COVID

PrecisionLife identified the first detailed genetic risk factors for long COVID and common mechanisms with ME/CFS and other complex diseases


Genetic Subtypes in Endometriosis with Combinatorial Analytics

Latest stratification results show potential for combinatorial analytics to improve risk prediction and drive precision medicine in endometriosis


Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS Identified using Combinatorial Analysis

Groundbreaking study published in the Journal of Translational Medicine provides the first detailed genetic insights into the mechanisms underpinning ME/CFS


Precision Neuroscience

Extending precision medicine into neurological, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative diseases

Disease Study

Alzheimer's Disease Study

Understanding disease mechanisms to identify novel targets and patient stratification biomarkers - improving the probability of future clinical trial success in Alzheimer's disease


How can mechanistic patient stratification inform R&D in complex chronic diseases?

Groundbreaking disease biology and drug discovery insights revealed by stratifying patients using combinatorial analytics


Combinatorial analytics: An Essential Tool for the Delivery of Precision Medicine

An Opinion, published in the new Open Access Journal Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences from Elsevier, describes the need to extend our current analytical methods to effectively interrogate population data sets


Our Philosophy

A deep dive into our unique approach and our mission to find better treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs


Cell Patterns: INDx Systematic Indication Extension

Paper demonstrating the potential of indication extension to systematically reposition hundreds of drugs into new indications

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