AI enabled precision medicine for everyone

Unique insights into complex diseases

A new Innovation Engine for novel targets & leads

PrecisionLife is an AI precision medicine company that has developed a radical new approach to complex disease analysis based on patients’ genomic and clinical data.

We use our powerful precisionlife multi-omic analysis platform to screen genomic, phenotypic and patient health datasets, providing unique insights into the signatures driving complex diseases. 

We rapidly identify novel targets, biomarkers and drug candidates enabling the discovery and delivery of precision medicines.

We have shown that these disease signatures can lead us to validated targets, drug discovery opportunities and better personalized medicine.


Fast, Scalable Innovation Engine

We’ve developed a rapid, scalable pipeline that generates validated targets, candidates & patient stratification biomarkers meeting the 5Rs principles of good pharmaceutical programs

Disease Gallery

We’ve identified and validated targets with potential lead candidates and precision medicine biomarkers for multiple diseases including those below.




Breast Cancer

Licensing and Partnering

We operate an early-stage partnering model to develop and out-license in vitro/in vivo validated assets with comprehensive supporting biological data packages to pharma and biotech partners.

We’re building a TargetBank™ containing partner-ready assets with biological data packages demonstrating their R&D, clinical and commercial disease relevance.

Interested in licensing or partnering?

Carbon Neutral

We are proud to be certified carbon neutral, achieved by proactively reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting our remaining carbon emissions. We chose the Climate Care BURN Stoves project, which won the 2015 Ashden International Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award.

ClimateCare Certified Partner 2019

Equality and Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer. We ensure that no employee or prospective employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, race, colour or national origin.

Information Security

precisionlife is proud to hold ISO27001:2013 accreditation. Our partners and users can be confident in our information security processes.