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Addressing unmet medical needs

Chronic diseases affect billions of people and cost trillions of dollars to treat every year.

PrecisionLife is a pioneering precision medicine company generating the deepest insights in complex chronic diseases - accelerating better drug development and personalizing health.

We're unique in our ability to identify the mechanisms that are relevant to specific patients and the drug targets and treatments that will benefit them.



of healthcare spending is on chronic diseases


of drug programs failed in the last decade


of phase III trial failures due to lack of efficacy

Understanding disease biology better

The era of precision medicine is here.

We identify, target, and treat the biological mechanisms driving disease within subgroups of patients, developing mechanistic patient stratification biomarkers to de-risk biopharma innovation.

We've delivered the deepest disease insights in complex, chronic indications generating the largest pipeline novel drug targets and repositioning opportunities outside of major pharma.

Stratifying patient populations

We find more signal in patient data than anyone else.

Our high-resolution patient stratification identifies subgroups of patients with similar disease drivers and treatment responses, to make precision medicine possible in chronic diseases.

We discover new drug targets, enrich clinical trials, find drug repositioning opportunities, and inform better diagnosis and the prescription of more effective therapies.

Read our Alzheimer's case study
Patient Stratification - Alzheimers disease-min

Driving precision medicine

Our AI-led Innovation Engine, powered by our unique combinatorial analytics, stratifies patient populations at the highest resolution, finding all the mechanistic drivers of disease for subgroups of patients.

With these insights we are:

✔ Discovering novel drug targets and leads for unmet medical needs
✔ Identifying drug repositioning candidates for patient subgroups
✔ Enriching clinical trials and rescuing shelved programs
✔ Designing more accurate diagnostic and clinical decision support tools
✔ Predicting and preventing chronic disease in patients

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The deepest disease biology insights

Speak to us to find better ways to treat complex diseases
- from drug
discovery through to personalized treatment selection.

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