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PrecisionLife Wins Life Sciences & Health Tech Company of the Year Award

PrecisionLife Reports 14 Genes Associated with ME/CFS at the M.E. Genetics Research Summit in Edinburgh

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OXFORD, UK, October 21 2022 - PrecisionLife has been named Life Sciences & Health Tech Company of the Year at the 2022 Thames Valley Tech Awards during a ceremony at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre.

The Thames Valley is one of the most vibrant regions for Life Sciences and Health Technology businesses in the UK. It plays host to some of the most exciting companies and has received worldwide attention for being central to the efforts in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Veronique Bouchet, Chief Medical Officer, and Krystyna Taylor, Senior Portfolio Manager, PrecisionLife, collected the award on behalf of the company and commented:Our unique capability is in gaining deeper insights into disease biology, faster, from smaller datasets using our unique mathematical framework to find answers where no one else can. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we completed a study over one weekend on fewer than 1,000 patients as soon as data was released and obtained some of the very first genetic insights into why people were likely to be at higher risk. We identified genes that no-one had yet linked to COVID-19, many of which have since been validated by other, larger companies and research groups."

The 2022 Thames Valley Tech Awards recognize outstanding achievements of the region’s leading technology businesses across multiple sectors. The Life Sciences & Healthtech Award was sponsored by multinational professional services group, EY.

Laura Letts, Director Tax, EY, said: “EY’s Life Sciences sector team work with businesses to deliver sustainable future value by unlocking the power of data to fuel innovation. We are excited to see so many Thames Valley businesses innovating in this space; using technology to improve wellbeing and to save lives. In sponsoring the Life Sciences & Health Tech Company of the Year award we have been honoured to meet so many fantastic businesses and we were delighted to ultimately award PrecisionLife this award.”

Finalists for the Life Sciences & Health Tech Company of the Year award included:

  • OMass Therapeutics
  • Brainomix
  • mdgroup
  • Occuity
  • Lindus Health

Noah Konig, Marketing Director, PrecisionLife, added:We're delighted to be awarded Life Sciences & Health Tech Company of the Year, among such good company. It's brilliant recognition for the innovative work of all the team at PrecisionLife, using combinatorial analytics and AI to create better treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs. The tools we're developing have the potential to transform drug discovery and the way we predict, prevent, and treat chronic diseases - efforts which awards like this help to showcase. Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks to our hosts, The Business Magazine; and sponsors, EY, for this award and a fantastic event.

This was PrecisionLife’s second award win in quick succession after recently winning the Analytics Company of the Year at 2022 British Data Awards.

PrecisionLife has also been named a finalist for the European Lifestars Awards' Healthtech Company of the Year.

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