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PrecisionLife Wins Analytics Company of the Year at British Data Awards

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PrecisionLife named Analytics Company of the Year at awards ceremony in London

OXFORD, UK, May 25 2022 – PrecisionLife Limited, an Oxford-based global techbio company generating deep insights into disease biology, is delighted to announce that it has been named a winner at the British Data Awards 2022. PrecisionLife was chosen by a prestigious panel of judges as the winner of Analytics Company of Year, for its unique AI and combinatorial analytics that is driving precision medicine in chronic diseases.

The British Data Awards is an annual campaign that recognises leading British innovators and celebrates the organisations and people that are deeply passionate about data. Organisations taking part this year include FTSE 100 giants, tech unicorns, innovative start-ups, large public sector bodies, agile not-for-profits, and everything in between.

PrecisionLife was nominated for the unique ability of its AI and combinatorial analytics platforms to drive innovation in drug discovery and healthcare that is enabling precision medicine for chronic diseases.

Outside of cancer and rare disease the impact of genomic medicine has until now been lower than it was originally hoped. This has limited the potential for precision medicine in more complex chronic diseases, such as COVID-19, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes, which account for over 80% of all healthcare costs.

Chronic diseases exhibit a wide spectrum of symptoms, and their diagnoses contain multiple patient subgroups with different disease drivers. This complexity means that common analysis approaches, like Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS), are unable to understand and treat their causes, resulting in millions of patients with unmet medical needs.

PrecisionLife’s analytics uncover the biological drivers of disease – finding more signal in patient datasets than any other approach to stratify complex chronic diseases into multiple patient populations at an unprecedented level of resolution. This unique capability is crucial to supporting biopharma and healthcare companies with the discovery and development of effective precision medicines for chronic diseases.

PrecisionLife-Analytics-Company-of-the-YearPrecisionLife’s team collecting the Analytics Company of the Year Award. From left to right: awards host, Jen Brister; Dr Véronique Bouchet, CMO; and Krystyna Taylor, Senior Portfolio Manager.

Other finalists in the British Data Awards Analytics Company of the Year category included Effini, Snowplow Analytics, Swim, and The Smart Cube.

Winners were announced in 19 categories, earlier this month, at a ceremony at The Lansdowne Club, London. During the event, the award was collected by PrecisionLife’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Véronique Bouchet, and Senior Portfolio Manager, Krystyna Taylor.


After winning the award, Dr Bouchet, PrecisonLife’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Véronique Bouchet said: “Our analytics enable a deeper understanding of how biology is driving disease within patients. With these unique insights we’re helping to create better, more personalized treatments for chronic diseases, and improve diagnosis and the selection of the best medicines for individuals. With so many innovative companies nominated, it is a fantastic achievement to be recognized for our work with this award.”

Jason Johnson, Co-Founder of Predatech organisers of the Awards and British Data Awards judge said: “Our quest to uncover data success stories has once again served as a reminder of the talent, passion, and sheer ingenuity that runs deep through the arteries of the United Kingdom. I’d like to extend my congratulations to all of our 2022 Winners.”

Dr Steve Gardner, CEO and Co-founder of PrecisionLife, said: “This is fantastic recognition of the fabulous work done by the whole team innovating the way we analyse patient data for chronic diseases such as COVID-19, endometriosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ALS, schizophrenia, and many others. The team and our many collaborators and partners have worked tirelessly to deliver data analytics that are driving discovery of better, more personalised drugs and diagnostics that will help people to live longer, healthier lives.

Other awards included King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust being named as Healthcare Organisation of the Year. A full list of award categories and winners can be found HERE.



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