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28-30 June 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center


Event - Meet with PrecisionLife at JPM Week 2024-min

Meet PrecisionLife at JPM


Our executive board will be in San Francisco during JPM Week 2024, across events including Biotech Showcase and BIO Partnering @JPM

The PrecisionLife® platform is uniquely able to identify, at scale, the disease mechanisms that are relevant to specific subgroups of patients and the drug targets and treatments that would benefit them - accelerating and de-risking every stage of biopharma innovation and transforming healthcare, from population to personal.

Our unprecedented insight enables us to: 

  • Discover drug targets with patient stratification biomarkers for specific target product profiles
  • Develop drugs faster with trials that are quicker to recruit, faster to read-out, and have a greater probability of success
  • Reevaluate stalled programs to identify responders to treatment, supporting future approvals
  • Identify secondary indication opportunities for drug assets across portfolios to maximize ROI
  • Launch new medicines with highly predictive complementary diagnostics


Finding Better Treatment Options

Our goal is to further our strategic collaborations with biopharma and healthcare partners who are dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with complex chronic diseases.

We're prioritizing meetings with biopharma and healthcare leaders who are seeking precision medicine and patient stratification approaches to meet the challenges of bringing new therapies to market. This includes decision-makers seeking innovative targets in areas of unmet medical need, biomarkers to de-risk clinical development and maximize portfolio value, and tools for the prediction and prevention of chronic disease.

If you're attending Biotech Showcase or Bio Partnering at JPM, click below to book a meeting with Veronique Bouchet or Rowan Gardner.

Meet VB at JPM-min  Meet RG at JPM-min

And if you're not attending one of these events but would like to meet with our team during JPM...

Send us a partnering request using the form below.

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