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Disease Study

Alzheimer's Disease Study

Understanding disease mechanisms to identify novel targets and patient stratification biomarkers - improving the probability of future clinical trial success in Alzheimer's disease

Disease Study

COVID-19 Disease Study

Understanding the disease biology of COVID-19 to find novel drug targets and new treatment options

Disease Study

Diabetes Type 2 Complications Disease Study

Developing combinatorial risk scores to accurately predict and prevent type 2 diabetes complications

Disease Study

ALS Disease Study

Discovering novel drug targets with genetic linkage to stratified ALS patient subgroups

Disease Study

Asthma Disease Study

Confirming the key genetic differences between T2 and non-T2 asthma with patient stratification to create more accurate diagnostics and therapy selection

Disease Study

Endometriosis Disease Study

Identifying genetic risk factors of endometriosis to enable better clinical decision support technologies

Disease Study

Sjögren's Syndrome Disease Study

Creating patient stratification biomarkers to identify novel drug targets and develop personalized treatments for Sjögren's syndrome

Disease Study

Schizophrenia Disease Study

Applying high-resolution patient stratification to rapidly identify treatment repurposing opportunities for schizophrenia

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