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The Best of PrecisionLife in 2022

It's been a memorable year for techbio and our world of precision medicine for chronic diseases. As the year comes to a close we look back at twelve of our highlights.

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Partnerships & Pipeline

This year PrecisionLife became recognized as a world-leading techbio business, creating the deepest disease insights and identifying novel biological target and patient stratification biomarker IP more efficiently than any other approach, to address unmet medical needs in chronic diseases.

This recognition culminated in series of new R&D collaborations with biopharma partners and the rapid expansion of our drug discovery pipeline...

1. Multi-Target R&D Partnership with Ono
Strategic R&D partnership in precision neuroscience with Ono Pharma to discover and validate multiple novel therapeutic targets for development in CNS disorders.
Read the Ono Pharma press release.

2. Precision Neuroscience Partnership with Sosei Heptares
Partnership with Sosei Heptares to assess the precision neuroscience potential of a target and provide valuable insights to increase the probability of downstream success.

Read the Soesei Heptares press release

3. Additional Partnerships
IP based precision neuroscience partnerships with undisclosed top 5 pharma and a pipeline of further commercial partnership opportunities to look forward to in the New Year.

4. Valuable Pipeline of IP in Over 40 Indications
This year we reached a milestone of 40 chronic disease indications analyzed by our platform, creating the deepest repository of targets and biomarkers outside of major pharma.
View our pipeline.


Precision Neuroscience

We’ve discovered new biomarkers that identify all the clinically relevant patient subgroups who share a disease mechanism and found novel drug targets and indication extension opportunities for treating those subgroups in over 40 complex chronic diseases. In doing so, we've reached major milestones in the quest to achieve precision medicine in neuroscience for complex CNS disorders.

5. High Resolution Patient Stratification 
We achieve the highest resolution stratification of heterogenous patient populations with complex disease pathologies. In Alzheimer's disease, we've identified six major subgroups of Alzheimer's patients. We're now using these insights to create more effective therapeutic strategies in Alzheimer's, matched to accompanying biomarkers for the patient subgroups that are most likely to benefit in downstream clinical trials.
See our Alzheimer's disease stratification poster

6. Novel Drug Target Discovery
And in doing so, we've discovered new drug targets with genetic linkage, offering hope for ALS, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and 40 other complex chronic diseases.



Our team has published pioneering discoveries throughout the year, making our results available to international researchers to improve the understanding of disease biology and support clinical decision making.

7. Groundbreaking Disease Biology Discoveries
We were the first to identify 14 genes associated with the ME/CFS, paving the way for new drug discovery strategies and better diagnosis of a disease with 100% unmet medical need. Our study into the causes of the disease was published in the Journal of Translational Medicine in December.
Read the ME/CFS paper.

8. Derisked, Faster Approval of New Therapies with Precision Repositioning
We also published data showing the significant opportunities for biopharma to rapidly develop new treatments through INDx precision repositioning. We identified and validated over 250 indication extension opportunities, of which over 90 are late stage or on market, each with patient stratification biomarkers and predictions of efficacy to derisk route the approval of new therapies for patients with unmet medical needs.
Read the INDx paper.

9. Validation the Power of Combinatorial Analytics
In May 2020, little was known about SARS-CoV-2. Within two-weeks of the first cohort of severe COVID-19 patients reported in the UK Biobank, we had identified and written-up for publication the risk factors, disease mechanisms of actions, and drug repurposing opportunities to treat severe COVID-19.

In February 2022, we performed a retrospective analysis on our results, which validated over 70% of our COVID-19 findings from 2020:

Of the 68 novel gene targets we identified - 70% are now independently validated (Feb 2022)
Of the 29 repurposing opportunities we identified for COVID-19 treatments - 13 are now being evaluated in clinical trials
Our discovery, before anyone else, of dutasteride as a drug repurposing candidate for COVID-19, kept thousands of people out of ICU
Read about the validation of our COVID-19 insights.

10. Future Findings to Discover Life-Changing Treatments
On the subject of COVID-19, PrecisionLife and Sano Genetics announced a new partnership in 2022 to accelerate the understanding of long COVID and help identify new treatments, the findings of which we will publish in 2023.



Our progress has been noticed – we were highlighted as one of Sifted’s leading techbio companies to watch, our recent publications and presentations have raised our profile, and we have won several awards.

11. Multi-Award Winning
We've been honored to have won a series of awards this year, recognizing the monumental progress we're making in enabling precision medicine for chronic diseases - so many, in fact, that we've had to construct an awards area in the offices of PrecisionLife HQ!

In 2022, PrecisionLife has won:-

British Data Awards' Analytics Company of the Year
International Life Sciences Awards' Chronic Disease R&D Company of the Year
Artificial Intelligence Awards' UK Biotechnology Company of the Year

Thames Valley Tech Awards' Life Sciences & Health Tech Company of the Year
European Enterprise Awards' Chronic Disease Biotech Company of the Year
One Nucleus Genesis Awards' Press Release of the Year
Read about our recent BioNewsRound award.

12. New Year, New Look
And finally, it's fitting that in such a transformational year for PrecisionLife, we ourselves transformed our brand identity to better reflect our mission, values, and unique approach to precision medicine. Our new website, logo and ID are now as unique as we are in generating the deepest disease biology insights on the planet to create personalized treatments for chronic diseases.



Looking Forward to 2023

We are anticipating that 2023 will be a year of significant growth with more major milestones achieved in our mission to find better treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs - improving health, for everyone.

Thank you for being part of our journey in 2022, we look forward to you joining us in 2023 for a year filled with prosperity, progress, and precision. 

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