Disease Studies

New partnership targets effective precision medicine treatments for respiratory patients


BREATHE – the Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health (‘BREATHE’) partners with PrecisionLife to expand understanding of respiratory disease biology

As a supporting partner, PrecisionLife will work with BREATHE and apply its unique analytics platform to understand why each patient experiences disease differently. Accurately defining subgroups of patients will enable the partners to understand the relevant disease risks and drivers, find new drug targets for unmet clinical needs, and select the right patients for trials and the right treatment for a patient.

Identifying what drives a person’s experience of respiratory disease

Respiratory conditions, including asthma and COPD, can be complex diseases caused by many genes that act differently from person to person. As a result, a medicine that works for one patient may not work as well for another.

Identifying the combination of factors that drive disease differences promises to help us deliver more personalised treatments, with better outcomes for patients.

PrecisionLife’s combinatorial analytics platform makes it possible to identify how genes and biological factors work together to affect each patient’s condition. This novel type of advanced analysis, not possible using previous methods, provides the opportunity to extract additional insights from existing consented and curated patient data available through BREATHE.

“From population to personal”

By combining their data, expertise and analytics, BREATHE and PrecisionLife aim to make the best use of large-scale patient population datasets to benefit patients with personalised treatments, and advance the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.

Professor Aziz Sheikh, BREATHE Director: “Despite their prevalence, many respiratory conditions remain difficult to diagnose and treat due to their complexity. One patient’s experience of asthma, for example, can be very different to another. The application of large-scale patient data could help us to identify what causes some of these differences, driving a shift towards more effective, personalised treatments. We’re excited to be partnering with PrecisionLife, combining our expertise to deliver better outcomes for respiratory patients.”

Dr Steve Gardner, PrecisionLife, founder and CEO: “We are excited to partner with BREATHE to better support patients with chronic respiratory diseases with more personalised care. We are targeting the significant unmet medical need in non-T2 and severe T2 asthma, COPD, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease using our unique combinatorial analytics platform.” He continued, “Working with BREATHE enables us to partner with a major player, giving us access to significant research and clinical care experts, in order to improve the care of respiratory patients.”

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