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World Congress on Endometriosis

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28-30 June 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center


PrecisionLife is attending and presenting at the World Congress on Endometriosis in Edinburgh from 3-6 May 2023. 

We will join our parters from Aalborg Univerity and the University of Oxford to present the latest update from the Finding Endometriosis using Machine Learning (FEMaLe) project.

A series of FEMaLe project posters will be presented at the World Congress on Endometriosis, including an update on the identification of biological subtypes in endometriosis. 

This part of the project aims to use the PrecisionLife platform to identify subtype-specific risk factors and get insight into possible new drug targets or drug repurposing opportunities. With these insights, the goal is to develop clinical tools that can distinguish biological subtypes and have the potential to facilitate shared decision making and guide treatment choice of endometriosis.

Genetic subtypes in endometriosis identified from combinatorial analytics

Authors: Palle Rohde1, Kristina Koldby1, Nilufer Rahmioglu2,3, Gert Møller4, Jason Sardell4, Krystyna Taylor4, Krina Zondervan2,3 & Mette Nyegaard1.

1 Department of Health, Science and Technology, Aalborg University; 2 Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford; 3 Oxford Endometriosis Care Centre, , University of Oxford; 4 PrecisionLife.

Attending the congress from PrecisionLife will be co-author and Senior Portfolio Manager, Krystyna Taylor

Find out more about the event, visit the World Congress on Endometriosis website.

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Endometriosis disease study

Identification of genetic risk factors for better clinical decision support.

Read our Endometriosis disease study


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