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Meet with PrecisionLife techbio in-person at JPM Week 2023

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28-30 June 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center



7-12 January

San Francisco

Meet us at JPM


PrecisionLife CEO and Co-founder Steve Gardner,  Chief Medical Officer Veronique Bouchet, and Executive Chairman Ray Pawlicki will be at the JP Morgan event in San Francisco, meeting investors and partners between Jan 7-12.

PrecisionLife is a world-leading techbio business with a unique combinatorial analytics platform, creating deep disease insights and novel IP significantly better and faster than existing tools, and addressing unmet medical needs in chronic diseases.

We have developed a highly scalable innovation engine and a deep pipeline of IP that will support multiple strategic R&D partnerships with the biopharma industry.

Our pipeline includes >300 novel targets and >250 drug repurposing opportunities in 40 chronic diseases. Each of these are supported and derisked with patient stratification biomarkers, explanatory mechanism of action and genetic linkage.

Send us a message to meet in person at JPM or schedule an initial call.


Latest PrecisionLife news: -

PrecisionLife enters a multi target precision neuroscience R&D collaboration with Ono Pharmaceutical
PrecisionLife will discover and validate multiple novel therapeutic targets for development by Ono in CNS disorders. The partnership will provide Ono with clear rationale for selecting drug targets, including genetic validation and patient stratification biomarkers, to optimize drug discovery and clinical development.

Read the press release

This news follows our recent IP based precision neuroscience partnerships with an undisclosed top 5 pharma and a partnership with Sosei Heptares to assess the precision medicine potential of a target and provide valuable insights to increase the probability of downstream success.


Meet us at JPM


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Meet us at JPM

Send us a message to meet in person at JPM or schedule an initial call.