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PrecisionLife Wins The Innovation Showcase Award at CNS Summit

PrecisionLife Reports 14 Genes Associated with ME/CFS at the M.E. Genetics Research Summit in Edinburgh

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Watch the award winning presentation on our groundbreaking mechanism-based patient stratification, de-risking and accelerating every stage of biopharma innovation and precision medicine.

PrecisionLife has won the Innovation Showcase award at this year's CNS Summit

Each year, the Innovation Showcase presents novel technologies to forward-looking pharmaceutical leaders. Nominations are peer-reviewed and selected based on their level of innovation, novelty, and impact both for improving R&D and outcomes for patients.

After a popular vote by more than 200 leading industry figures, PrecisionLife was named Innovation Showcase award winner 2023. PrecisionLife CEO, Dr Steve Gardner presented the company's unique precision medicine analytics approach which enables mechanism-based patient stratification to de-risk and accelerate drug discovery and clinical development in complex diseases with urgent unmet medical needs.

CNS SummitPrecisionLife CEO Dr Steve Gardner, collects the Innovation Showcase award at CNS Summit 

Dr Gardner shared how PrecisionLife uniquely maps novel targets to specific patient subgroups with causal genetic and mechanistic explanations, generating patient stratification biomarkers that are then used to design clinical trials that are easier to recruit for, faster to read-out, and more likely to be successful, and build highly predictive complementary diagnostics - creating better, more personalized treatments from concept to clinic. 


"It's an honor to win the prestigious Innovation Showcase award at this year's CNS Summit. It's been a great show and the quality of all the presentations was exceptionally high. This is fantastic recognition for the outstanding work of the entire PrecisionLife team."
Dr Steve Gardner, CEO, PrecisionLife


"Congratulations, Steve Gardner and PrecisionLife - CNS Summit’s 2023 Innovation Showcase award winner. We received more submissions than ever this year, and our judges were blown away by the quality of the presenting companies, so it's quite the achievement to rise to the top of this group!"

Dawn Brockett, Managing Director, CNS Summit


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