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CNS Summit 2023

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28-30 June 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center


Meet PrecisionLife at CNS Summit 2023-min-1

PrecisionLife CEO Dr Steve Gardner joins the CNS Summit community to present an Innovation Showcase on mechanism-based patient stratification followed by an expert precision neuroscience session, both designed to help biopharma inform and derisk their R&D in complex chronic diseases.

Friday 10 November at 11:30am (EST)
In this session Steve will explain how novel mechanism-based patient stratification biomarkers are being used to inform and derisk every stage of drug discovery and clinical development.

Friday 10 November at 1:30pm (EST)
A special precision neuroscience session introducing a new era of precision medicine in neurological, psychiatric, and neurodegenerative diseases with case stories from multiple CNS strategic R&D collaborations with our pharma partners.

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Steve Gardner speaking at CNS Summit 2023-min


About PrecisionLife

PrecisionLife focuses on precision medicine analytics in complex chronic diseases, including CNS, autoimmune, cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases. We have multiple strategic R&D collaborations with biopharma companies, and have generated deep disease insights in 50 diseases. 

We map novel targets to specific patient subgroups with causal genetic and mechanistic explanations and disease prelevance. Our patient stratification biomarkers help design smaller, faster, more targeted clinical trials and to build highly predictive complementary diagnostics. We also work with biopharma companies to reevaluate clinical trial results, identify secondary indications and out-licensing opportunities for pipeline and/or stalled assets.

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