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Simon Beaulah Presenting at Bio-IT World 2024

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28-30 June 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center


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PrecisionLife SVP of Healthcare and Head of US, Simon Beaulah is speaking at Bio-IT World, the world’s premier event showcasing the technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine, which will take place 15-17 April 2024 in Boston, MA.

At Bio-IT World, Simon will present a special showcase session.

Enabling a New Era of Precision Medicine for Complex Chronic Disease

16 April, 4 PM - 4:30 PM 

The 20 years since the Human Genome Project have seen transformational advances in molecular understanding of cancers and rare disease, but precision medicine has had limited impact on improving treatment of complex, chronic indications that account for over 80% of healthcare spending, including neuroscience, immune, and inflammatory disorders.

To overcome this challenge, PrecisionLife has completely reimagined how to analyze, semantically integrate, and visualize patient data. This approach reveals deeper understanding of disease biology and enables development of diagnostic biomarkers and precision-targeted therapies for chronic diseases that affect billions of people.

PrecisionLife at Bio-IT World

PrecisionLife is a pioneering precision medicine company expanding the field beyond oncology and rare disease with its focus on complex chronic diseases, including CNS, autoimmune, cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases that account for over 80% of healthcare spending.

We are unique in our ability to link mechanism of disease to specific patient subtypes that are likely to benefit from a drug targeting their specific mechanism. With this insight, we de-risk every stage of biopharma innovation, from target selection through to product launch and develop patient stratification biomarkers to enable patients likely to respond to be selected for clinical studies, be more accurately diagnosed and matched to the most effective personalized treatment.


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