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UK BioIndustry Association launches first TechBio company report

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OXFORD, UK: PrecisionLife featured as a case study of how a data-driven techbio company is transforming drug discovery and patient care

The BioIndustry Association (BIA), the trade association for innovative life sciences in the UK, has launched its first report on the UK TechBio industry.

The report introduces and explains the impact that data-driven life sciences companies are having on drug discovery and patient care. It features case studies on six leading TechBio companies, including PrecisionLife.

Data-driven life sciences companies work at the interface between biotechnology and technology. They combine cutting-edge techniques from both sectors to draw insights from a wealth of data, including data concerning patients, drug molecules, healthcare infrastructure and research and development, to inform and transform drug discovery and patient care.

Included in the report are:

  • Opportunities and obstacles for data-driven life sciences companies
  • Highlights of data-driven life sciences and techbio company successes
  • Predictions of how data-driven life sciences and technology companies could transform the health ecosystem by 2025

Dr Steve Gardner, CEO, PrecisionLife: “A biology revolution is coming. There will be a fundamental shift in the level of detail at which you can understand complex chronic diseases that cover 85% of spending in healthcare. At PrecisionLife we turn data into understand of what’s driving disease and insights that enable the discovery, development, and delivery of more effective personalised treatments. We’re proud to be a leading techbio company and to have our achievements recognised in this report.”

Lord David Prior, Chairman, NHS England: “Transforming the future of healthcare will rest on the new technologies and therapies emerging within the life sciences sector. Developing the innovations we are seeing in data-driven life sciences technology will be pivotal as we transform drug discovery pathways and patient care.”

Steve Bates, CEO, UK BioIndustry Association: “Data-driven life sciences technology, or techbio, is an area where the BIA is rapidly building its expertise. This report introduces the exciting companies that are working at the interface of biotechnology and technology and shows how they are already making an impact on drug discovery and patient care.”

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