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Genomics & Precision Medicine, April 27th – PMLS Virtual Series 2021

Among the best investments ever made in a technology has been the ability to sequence, annotate, and make functional associations of genes for therapeutic indications – in short, the whole field of genomics and precision medicine.  We see the pay-off today in the rapid sequencing of the SARS Cov-2 RNA genome, the rapid development of vaccines, and the current tracking of the coronavirus variants in near-real time.  While genomics continues to play a role for developing effective, targeted drugs for cancers, its impact has been expanding to impact other therapeutic areas and diseases with a new generation of assays and medicines for personalized therapeutic regimens.

Expanding Precision Medicine into Chronic Disease – An opportunity to act on Type 2 Diabetes Complications and Alzheimer’s Disease

Steve Gardner will present how the PrecisionLife platform enables the high resolution stratification of patient populations to improve our understanding of disease biology based on genomic and other data, and identification of new targets and risk scores. he will exemplify the precision medicine opportunity through a discussion of understanding risk of diabetes complication and Alzheimers disease.


Time Speaker and Title
10:00-10:45am EST

Leveraging Data from Clinical Trial Participants to Nation-scale Cohorts

Howard J. Jacobs, PhD, Vice President, Head of Genomic Research and Head of Data Convergence, AbbVie 

Within Pharma, large genomic groups and a few big health systems large collections of patients/participants have hundreds of millions of data sets from real world data (insurance claims and electronic health records), population scale cohorts with whole genome sequencing or imputed whole genome and in some cases all these data on the same individuals. These data sets combined with computational biologists and large compute farms are identifying many variants of potential interest related to new targets, better disease definition, better understanding of disease mechanism, patient stratification and ultimately patient care.

10:50-11:50am  EST

Comprehensive Genomic Profiling: A New Standard of Care in Oncology

ModeratorLauren Feldman, MHA, Vice President, Value, Access and Reimbursement, ADVI Health, LLC

Panelists: Suzanne Belinson, PhD, MPH, Vice President, Commercial Markets, Tempus; Trish Brown, MS, Director, AMR Payer Partner, Field Market Access Lead, Illumina; Rob Dumanois, Director, Reimbursement Strategy, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • The landscape for comprehensive genomic profiling
  • The obstacles to coverage & reimbursement
  • Access to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Coalition
11:55-12:45pm  EST

Factors Influencing the Acceptance of a Novel Diagnostic Technology in the Coverage Policy of a Health Care Plan: Case Study

Mark D. Hiatt, MD, MBA, MS, Vice President, Medical Affairs, Guardant Health; Eugean Jiwanmall, MBA, MPH, Senior Research Analyst, Medical Policy & Technology Evaluation, Independence Blue Cross

1:00-1:45pm      EST

Keynote – The Path to Preventive Genomics

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine; Director, G2P Research Program; Associate Director for Research, Partners Personalized Medicine, Division of Genetics, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Broad Institute and Harvard Medical School

It is now 20 years since the completion of the first draft of the Human Genome Project. While there have been enormous breakthroughs in diagnostics and biotechnology, the promise of using genomics to stratify risk and prevent human disease has not been realized. This presentation will summarize recent data from the MedSeq and BabySeq Projects which are the first randomized trials to assess medical, behavioral and economic impact of comprehensive sequencing in healthy adults and newborn infants, respectively. This presentation will also describe a new vision for clinical utility research in preventive genomics.

1:45-2:15pm      EST

Expanding Precision Medicine into Chronic Disease – An opportunity to act on Type 2 Diabetes Complications and Alzheimer’s Disease

Steve Gardner, PhD, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Precision Life Ltd.

2:15-3:00pm   EST

Panel TBD

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