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PrecisionLife and Sano Genetics announce partnership to accelerate understanding of long COVID and help identify new treatments

11th May, 2022


PrecisionLife and Sano Genetics announce partnership to accelerate understanding of long COVID and help identify new treatments

OXFORD, UK May 11, 2022

PrecisionLife Limited, a global techbio company using its deep insights into disease biology and patient stratification to drive precision medicine in chronic diseases, is pleased to announce a partnership with Sano Genetics, a genetic research platform enabling patients to participate in ethical research projects, to advance understanding of the long-term effects of coronavirus infection (long COVID).

The project will include analysis of Sano Genetics’ data from 3,000 UK adults suffering from long COVID symptoms using PrecisionLife’s proprietary combinatorial analytics platform to identify risk-factors and potential drug targets.

It is estimated that 5-30% of COVID patients will go on to have long-term complications and, with over 500M people worldwide confirmed as having been infected, the need for better diagnostics and treatments is large.

PrecisionLife’s combinatorial analytics platform is uniquely able to identify the drivers of complex disease biology at an unprecedented level of resolution. This new study aims to advance researchers’ understanding of why some people, even those with mild original COVID infections, are at risk of developing debilitating long COVID symptoms, and discover novel drug targets and drug repositioning candidates with associated patient stratification biomarkers that could lead to new treatments to help long COVID sufferers.

Under the agreement, Sano Genetics will provide access to its long COVID patient population dataset to PrecisionLife for analysis. Sano’s research participants always remain in full control of their data and can select which research programmes they want to take part in on a case-by-case basis. In 2021 Sano Genetics received support via UK Government funding body Innovate UK to anonymously gather genomic DNA data and patient reported outcomes from 3,000 UK adults suffering from long COVID symptoms. One of the key goals of the study is to ensure that the population demographics of the UK are reflected in the data so that the research outcomes are both accurate and representative.

Early in the pandemic, PrecisionLife delivered world leading insights into COVID-19, being the first to identify 68 genes that were associated with serious disease and hospitalization in COVID-19 patients[1], and confirming the predicted severe disease risk factors in a clinical dataset[2]. Since then, over 70% of these gene targets have been independently validated by other research projects around the world. In addition, PrecisionLife revealed opportunities for 29 approved drugs to be repurposed as COVID-19 treatments targeting the associated genes, 13 of which are being evaluated in clinical trials with COVID-19 patients.

Dr Patrick Short, CEO and co-founder of Sano Genetics, said: “Learning to live with COVID and manage its health consequences has long term public health and economic implications. An estimated 1.7 million people in the UK have reported experiences of long COVID, with symptoms lasting longer than four weeks.

“Understanding how our genetics influence our response to COVID-19 is key to better protecting vulnerable people and developing effective treatments. PrecisionLife’s analysis of Sano Genetics’ data will enable this deep biological understanding.”

Dr Steve Gardner, CEO and co-founder of PrecisionLife, said: “Long COVID is a major public health issue. Most sufferers have no clear path for engaging with the healthcare system, as diagnosis is uncertain and the complex symptoms and causes of the disease are not yet fully understood. In our 2020 study, we noted a range of cardiovascular, immunological, and neurological changes in COVID-19 patients and want to understand whether these are transient or permanent.

“We are confident that this study into the long-term effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection, working in partnership with Sano Genetics, will deliver valuable insights to enable a better understanding of long COVID vulnerabilities and ultimately ensure that personalized treatments are directed towards those patients that need them most.”



  1. Taylor, K., Das, S., Pearson, M., Kozubek, J., Pawlowski, M., Jensen, C.E., Skowron, Z., Møller, G.L., Strivens, M. and Gardner, S. (2020). Analysis of genetic host response risk factors in severe COVID-19 patients. medRxiv. 10.1101/2020.06.17.20134015
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COVID-19 disease architecture map showing patient stratification from PrecisionLife 2020 study. Colors represent patient subgroups, circles represent disease associated SNPs and lines represent co-associated SNPs.

About PrecisionLife

PrecisionLife is changing the way the world looks at predicting, preventing, and treating chronic diseases. Its proven, scalable, and unique AI and combinatorial analysis platforms generate more insights from patient data than anyone else on the planet to understand the drivers of disease biology and stratify patients at an unprecedented level of resolution.

Understanding disease biology better uniquely enables PrecisionLife to power patient-focused precision drug discovery and predict and prevent chronic diseases to transform outcomes in healthcare, delivering a new age of better, more personalized therapy options – to improve health, for everyone.

PrecisionLife is a private company headquartered near Oxford, UK and operations in Aalborg and Copenhagen, Denmark, Warsaw, Poland and Cambridge, MA, USA.

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About Sano Genetics

Based in Cambridge, UK, Sano Genetics was founded in 2017 by three students of genomics: Charlotte Guzzo (COO), Patrick Short (CEO) and William Jones (CTO). It helps accelerate precision medicine research by finding people who wish to contribute to studies and helping them do so effortlessly and on their terms. Its platform adopts innovations widespread in other sectors, such as user-friendly digital interfaces, dynamic individualised feedback and an emphasis on privacy, packaged as an end-to-end service that lets people power global studies from their own homes.

Sano is a member of the COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative, led by researchers from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine, the Broad Institute of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and will share de-identified data with this international group of scientists. Sano Genetics has been awarded £133,000 by Innovate UK to offer Long COVID patients free DNA testing kits they can use at home.

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