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Neuroscience 2022

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28-30 June 2022, Santa Clara Convention Center


Society for Neuroscience (SfN) 2022

12-16 November

 San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

SfN meetings gather thousands of neuroscientists from around the world to debut cutting-edge research on the brain and nervous system.

PrecisionLife will be attending the event to share our research and meet with experts in the field.

Krystyna Taylor, Senior Portfolio Manager and Andy Malinowski, Senior Disease Biologist will also present Alzheimer's Disease Stratification & Novel Target Identification: Combinatorial Analysis of Patient Genomes.

The insights from the analysis being presented can be used in Alzheimer's disease drug development to identify more effective therapeutic strategies and accompanying biomarker sets to match them to the patient subgroups that are most likely to demonstrate benefit in downstream clinical trials.

Presentation details
Session Number: 613
Poster: 613.14
Session Title: Alzheimer Disease Multiomics
Session Date: Wednesday 16 November
Presentation Time: 9 - 10 AM
Location: SDCC Halls B-H

To see the agenda and register, visit the SfN website.

Event - SfN 2022-min


Alzheimer's disease study

Stratifying patient subgroups to reduce the risk of future clinical trial failure.

Read our Alzheimer's case study


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