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Beginning to Unravel the Biological Drivers of ME

ME is a deeply complex disease with many different causes and risk factors.

In over 30 years of global research into the disease, not a single replicable genetic finding had been reported until now.

We have for the first time identified some of the different genetic mechanisms causing ME/CFS and used this to stratify patients.

We’re currently replicating our results in a much larger, better characterized patient population, using thee DecodeME study data as part of the LOCOME (Long Covid and ME) grant supported by Innovate UK.

PrecisionLife is now conducting research to:

  1. Validate simple saliva/blood genotyping tests for ME/CFS and long COVID
  2. Identify actively protective biology that may prevent people getting ME or  help them to recover
  3. Identify and validate drug repurposing candidates that may be able to treat ME patients

To learn about our ME/CFS and long COVID research and development, view our publications below.




PrecisionLife ME Flyer

Beginning to Unravel the Biological Drivers of ME

Overview of our recent ME/CFS and long Covid research and the clinical validation of new therapeutics and diagnostic tests.

PrecisionLife ME-CFS Poster

Identifying Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS and Long COVID 

Poster detailing our discovery of the first genetic associations, novel targets, actively protective biology, and diagnostics.

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PrecisionLife Paper - Genetic Risk Factors for ME-CFS

Genetic Risk Factors for ME/CFS Identified using Combinatorial Analysis

PrecisionLife Paper - Genetic Risk Factors for Long COVID-1

Genetic Risk Factors for Severe and Fatigue Dominant Long COVID and Commonalities with ME/CFS Identified by Combinatorial Analysis

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MECFS Research Roadmap Webinar 400 x 300 px-1

NIH ME/CFS Research Roadmap Webinar - Genomics and Genetic Susceptibilities


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 PrecisionLife and Metrodora partnership 400 x 300 px

Precision Medicine Clinical Trials Launch to Accelerate Diagnosis and Treatment of ME/CFS and Long Covid

LOCOME project 400 x 300 px

PrecisionLife Project Awarded Innovate UK Grant to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of ME/CFS and Long Covid

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About PrecisionLife

PrecisionLife is a pioneering causal AI precision medicine company changing the way the world predicts, prevents, and treats complex, chronic diseases by finding better, more personalized diagnostic and treatment options for patients.

Our platform is unique in its ability to identify causal biology and link chronic disease patients to effective treatments via the molecular mechanism of their disease or drug response. These insights enable us to significantly improve probabilities of success across the biopharma and healthcare value chain.

We discover new subgroups of patients with mechanism-based patient stratification biomarkers, identify novel treatment opportunities for unmet medical needs, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials, find new applications for existing drug programs, and build highly predictive complementary diagnostics, personalized risk prediction and disease prevention tools.

We’re working in collaboration with some of the largest global biopharma companies and have a proven, responsive
and cost-effective way of contracting and working with our partners which recognizes, respects and complements their
existing team’s expertise and processes.

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