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About us

PrecisionLife is built upon a collective ambition to improve our understanding of complex diseases and create better, more personalized therapy options so that we can help patients to live longer, healthier lives.

The PrecisionLife® platform takes a radical new approach to analysis of complex disease biology based on a wide range of patients’ genomic, clinical, and epidemiological data, enabling the discovery of richer and more useful links between patients, disease sub-groups, targets and drugs.

Our powerful patented data analytics and decision support platforms are built on a unique mathematical framework and deep experience in delivering innovative new technologies and products.

Headquartered near Oxford in the UK, we also have offices in the USA, Denmark and Poland.

Our capabilities

We use our patented mathematical framework to analyze population-scale multi-modal patient health datasets. Our combinatorial approach uniquely identifies the non-linear additive effects caused by biological feedback loops in genetic and metabolic networks.

We find all the combinations of genomic, epidemiological and clinical features that influence disease risk, prognosis and therapy response in a complex disease population. The disease insights generated enable innovative new precision medicine applications in Pharma & Biotech, Clinical Development and Healthcare, delivering:

  • more precise patient stratification
  • better understanding of disease mechanisms and target biology
  • identification and validation of novel targets and assessment of potential efficacy
  • systematic analysis of repurposing opportunities
  • better, more personalized disease risk scores
Our approach

Our vision

“To find better, more personalized treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs, enabling people to live longer, healthier lives.”


Our mission

“To drive forward precision medicine, by transforming our understanding of complex diseases. Using our PrecisionLife® analytical platforms to enable high-resolution stratification of patient populations to improve target selection, drug development, clinical trials design and clinical decision making.”

Our values


We strive for strong collaborative relationships with our team, our partners, our peers, and our customers, ensuring we use our technology and collective knowledge as effectively as possible.


We're driven to continuously innovate to improve our understanding of complex diseases and identify new treatment options that benefit patients.


We adhere to high standards of professional values and practices in all our projects to ensure objectivity, clarity, and reproducibility.

Social responsibility

We recognize our responsibilities as an employer and partner in the wider medical community, and are committed to working equitably and accountably with regard to our impact on the environment, our stakeholders and the patients we aspire to support.


We recognize that it’s a privilege to be entrusted with patient data and will always ensure that it is used only for its intended purpose and is handled in strict compliance with all security and privacy standards.

Equality & diversity

We are committed to ensuring that all our employees or prospective employees receives the same treatment and opportunities regardless of their background.

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