RowAnalytics’ precisionlife platform enables faster and deeper analysis of large genomic, clinical and phenotypic datasets.


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RowAnalytics has extensively validated the precisionlife™ platform on large population study datasets in oncology (breast, lung, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic etc.), neuropsychiatric (ALS, autism, bipolar etc.) and metabolic disease (diabetes, CV etc.)

We’re developing our own pipeline in the area of neuroscience as well as a bank of validated targets and drug repurposing opportunities for licensing through biopharma partnerships.
Our understanding of a disease is continually improving as we gain more detailed molecular and clinical data from studies of genomic, proteomic and epigenetic biomarkers as well as other lifestyle and digital health data. Detailed, combinatorial analysis of multi-omic patient data offers new opportunities to improve and personalize assessment of disease susceptibility, progression and treatment strategies for patient sub-groups.

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+44 (0) 1865 575 170
Office hours 9am - 6pm

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precisionlife is a radical new approach to complex disease analysis.

Dr Steve Gardner
Chief Executive Officer


Complex diseases such as oncology, neurodegenerative, psychiatry and cardiometabolic disease don't have simple, single gene explanations. If we want to understand why some patients have higher risk or respond to drugs differently, we need to look deeper.

precisionlife has a unique ability to rapidly find all of the combinations of genomic, phenotypic and clinical features that define disease risk, prognosis and therapy response in a complex disease population. We have proven that these disease signatures can lead us to validated targets, drug discovery opportunities and better personalized medicine.

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AI Enabled Precision Medicine

precisionlife™ is the first tool that rapidly finds combinations of biomarkers associated with disease risk, progression and/or therapy response. These can be used to: more accurately stratify patients for clinical trials, provide better combinatorial risk scores and develop clinical decision support systems. When applied at a population level, this enables the classification of responders vs non-responders and those likely to experience adverse events providing improved therapy selection.

One of the largest study datasets, ALS Project MinE, contains genotypes, phenotype, environment, diet and other data on tens of thousands of patients.  Currently, this data is being analyzed in collaboration with RowAnalytics the Motor Neurone Disease Association charity and their academic clinicians. There have been several new findings which highlight a new mechanistic understanding of key disease processes, and the discovery of novel targets and drug candidates, including validation tool compounds and repurposing opportunities. 


Contact us to find out more about partnering and licensing opportunities for the precisionlife platform.

+44 (0) 1865 575 170
Office hours 9am - 6pm

ISO 27001 certified

RowAnalytics is proud to hold ISO27001:2013 accreditation. 
Our partners and users can be confident in our information security processes.

RowAnalytics is proud to hold ISO27001:2013 accreditation. Our partners and users can be confident in our information security processes.

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AI Enabled Drug Discovery

Analysis and interpretation of massive multi-omic datasets is challenging. Current analytical tools such as Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) only finds a single genetic mutation (SNPs) associated with disease, but few diseases are monogenic. Diseases such as cancer, dementia, asthma and COPD are triggered by multiple interconnecting causative factors and a patient’s risk and response will vary enormously due to a combination of their individual mutations and phenotypic features. Existing tools such as GWAS are limited in both the types of data they can analyze and their scalability. 

RowAnalytics’ precisionlife™ platform combines patented AI methods and data analytics to find and validate complex signatures containing up to 15 SNPs (or other phenotypic features) in combination. Even for large disease populations with tens of thousands of patients this can be completed in weeks not months. This enables the rapid identification of novel pathways, first in class targets and drug repurposing opportunities associated with disease. 


RowAnalytics’ precisionlife™ platform enables faster and deeper analysis of large genomic, clinical and phenotypic datasets. Our patented AI tools allow us to identify and validate multiple novel pathways, targets and drug compounds involved in disease in weeks not years using clinical population datasets. This provides a massive productivity and innovation gain for biopharmaceutical research. We also help healthcare providers identify responders and non- responders in patient populations, supporting more personalized therapy selection.

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