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complex chronic diseases analyzed


precision repositioning opportunities identified


novel drug targets discovered

Proud to be PrecisionLife

With our proven combinatorial analytics platform, we are uniquely able to generate more insights from patient data than anyone else - understanding the biological mechanisms that are driving disease within subgroups of patients at an unprecedented level of resolution.

Our deeper understanding of disease biology powers an Innovation Engine that is driving patient-focused drug discovery and precision medicine for chronic diseases.

Today, we are delivering a new age of better, more personalized therapy options – improving health, for everyone.

Our story

PrecisionLife is built upon a collective ambition to improve the understanding of complex diseases. We do this so that we can help to predict and prevent disease, enabling people to be diagnosed more accurately and treated with medicines that will work for them.

We’ve developed innovative ways to analyze and stratify disease population datasets to gain the deepest understanding of the biological drivers of disease in different patient subgroups.

We use the insights we generate to develop better medicines for treating disease, to improve the diagnosis of patients, and inform the selection of the most effective treatments for individuals.

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Creating novel IP across the value chain

Our unique patient stratification ability generates insights that not only enable the discovery and development of better and more personalized medicines for biopharma, and also improve the accuracy of diagnosis, prediction of disease risk, and inform the selection of the most effective treatments for individual patients.


Novel drug targets and indication extension opportunities, all with patient stratification biomarkers


Patient stratification and drug response biomarkers to design more targeted clinical trials


Diagnostic biomarkers and combinatorial risk scores for earlier, more accurate diagnosis


Clinical decision support and personalized digital health tools matching patients to treatments

Our vision

We're focused on creating a future where people with chronic diseases are better served with personalized treatment options to help them to live longer, healthier lives.


Our mission

Driving precision medicine into chronic diseases to create better, more personalized treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs:

  • Accelerating the understanding of complex disease biology
  • Enabling patient-focused precision drug discovery and development
  • Transforming healthcare with more accurate diagnostics, personalized treatment selection and tools to predict and prevent chronic diseases

Our values

Innovation copy


Innovation powers our unique approach to data analysis and enables us to achieve ground-breaking discoveries in complex chronic diseases every day. Our Innovation Engine drives the insights that enable our partners to create life-changing precision medicines and personalized healthcare.

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Collaboration is central to our success. We strive for strong collaborative relationships with our team, our partners, and our peers, to use our technology and collective knowledge as effectively as possible. Together we go further and achieve more for the benefit of everyone’s health.

Equality and Diversity copy


We're committed to equal opportunities and nurturing a supportive, fair and fulfilling environment in which to work, create and grow - ensuring that all our employees receive the same treatment and opportunities.

Integrity copy


We adhere to the highest standards of professional values and practices in all our projects to ensure objectivity, clarity, and reproducibility both as an employer and a partner.

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We are united by a collective ambition of improving health, for everyone. This is a heartfelt goal and the motivation behind everything that we do. We're proud of our team, our partners, and our shared ambition that we're determined to achieve.

Social Responsibility copy

Social responsibility

We're privileged to be entrusted with patient data and ensure it's handled in compliance with the highest standards. We also recognize our responsibility as a member of the medical community and are committed to making a positive impact for patients and the environment that we share.

Environment, equality & diversity

We are a values-driven company based around innovation, trust, and integrity. We reflect these values in all our actions as a fully inclusive employer and partner.

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Leadership team

We are led by our CEO, Dr Steve Gardner supported by a highly capable leadership team, each of whom have significant experience and expertise in their field.

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If you embody our values and have the desire to make an impact, we invite you to join us and seize the career development opportunities of working in a fast-moving pioneering company with a vision to change healthcare worldwide.

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