Guide to Precision Medicine Strategies for Chronic Disease R&D

The era of precision medicine is transforming drug discovery and development. But to achieve precision medicine for more prevalent, expensive, and complex, chronic conditions we need a radically improved approach to R&D.

This guide presents a new view of disease biology and an approach to enable biopharma to deliver better, more personalized treatments for unmet medical needs.


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You’ll learn about new precision approaches to:

  • Enabling precision medicine for complex chronic diseases
  • Stratifying patients by their distinct mechanistic etiologies
  • Discovering novel targets with genetic linkage
  • Enriching clinical trials to improve probability of success
  • Repositioning drugs with secondary indication potential
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Download the guide

“These insights will inform and derisk every stage of drug discovery and clinical development to create better treatment options for patients with unmet medical needs.

Dr Steve Gardner, CEO and Chair of the UK Genomics Advisory Committee