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Animal and crop health

As in biopharma and healthcare our AI and combinatorial analytics approach finds significantly more signal and actionable insights in smaller animal and crop datasets than existing methods.

The advantage of animal and crop health is that whilst the genetics are simpler, more phenotypic data is availble as we often capture more data about a dairy cow than a patient, even in a hospital setting. Synomics enabled us to prove the value of combinatorial analytics in a different industry, with immediate quantifiable commercial benefits over existing approaches for genomic and multi-omic analysis.


Discovering new insights to drive value

Synomics uses our AI and combinatorial analytics platform to extract novel animal and crop health insights from biological datasets. These insights can lead to drastically improved outcomes that can be used to drive value throughout food and agriculture.

Synomics currently delivers core applications in target discovery and genetic improvement across crop, livestock and aquaculture production.