Benefits for Pharma & Biotech

precisionlife is the new innovation engine for the industry, generating validated novel therapeutic targets, lead compounds and patient stratification biomarkers. We accelerate the discovery of new precision medicines.

Our analysis finds all of the significant underlying causes and pathways of a disease. We validate, score and annotate our results with information from over 40 data sources including gene function, expression, active chemistry, toxicity, clinical trials, IP and scientific literature:

We use these unique insights to identify, validate and prioritise new drug targets and candidates to more effectively treat complex diseases.

Delivering the 5Rs of Drug Discovery

Unlike other approaches, precisionlife finds all of the targets relevant to a disease population and provides insights into all of the 5Rs of drug discovery to select the best, most tractable, druggable and relevant targets.

We deliver the Right:

High scoring SNPs associated with disease risk (or other phenotype) are just the start for precisionlife.

To be considered to be a viable target, the SNPs must occur consistently in combination with other disease associated SNPs that also have a plausible and testable connection to a mechanism of action.

We select from the list of genes potentially associated with the disease, novel targets that are expressed differentially in the right tissue for the disease phenotype.

This gives the best chance of developing advantageous bioavailability and safety profiles for the lead series.

Because we have detailed annotation from our semantically normalized knowledge graph, we can easily identify all of the compounds and drugs that have been tested against the targets of interest.

We assess not only which drugs will have the greatest chance of efficacy, but also those which may cause side effects in target patient groups.

This opens up opportunities to use multiple research, development and/or drug compounds as starting points either for novel drug discovery or drug repurposing.

We generate the most detailed patient stratification insights, showing the detailed disease architecture for large-scale patient datasets in complex diseases.

The signatures that we identify are highly enriched for predictive power in predicting the phenotype status of an individual. These biomarkers can help to design clinical trials design and aid recruitment, enabling the most efficacious drugs to progress to market faster and more cheaply.

The graph below shows all of the 762 disease associated SNPs linked with BRCA2 positive breast cancer in a population of 8,000 people (1,576 cases:6,402 controls).

The SNPs have been clustered on the basis of patients in which they co-occur so the graph shows clearly the different drivers of the disease in different patient sub-groups.

For a target to be worth pursuing there needs to be:

  • an unmet medical need,
  • with identifiable patient sub-groups,
  • for whom a reimbursable therapy can be developed, and
  • around which an intellectual property portfolio can be built

precisionlife provides both the substrate of multiple potential targets for a disease and the annotation, semantic search and selection tools to identify the most commercially promising programs.

precisionlife uses our deep semantic indexing engine to rapidly develop detailed knowledge of the context in which specific targets and phenotypes occur, even when called by different names.

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