Benefits for Disease Charities / Patient Advocacy Groups

precisionlife finds new treatment approaches rapidly with real patient data. We work with disease charities to assess their patient population data, identify and validate new drug targets and drug compounds, and stratify patient groups to develop more effective treatments.

precisionlife provides a new, higher resolution lens for looking even at historic patient datasets. It finds all of the targets relevant to a disease population and provides a data package suitable for early-stage drug discovery and/or licensing into biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In many cases, even datasets that have previously been examined by multiple groups have yielded significant new insights and druggable targets after analysis by precisionlife.

A good example of this is our ALS study. We took a basic genotype dataset, analyzed it hypothesis-free, and in 10 hours we had identified a series of novel gene targets associated with ALS. These map well to known disease mechanisms and have subsequently been validated with 3 different ALS groups. Some of the targets have also been subject of subsequent independent publication by other groups.

Outputs from Our Collaborations

  • We analyze patient datasets in a hypothesis free way without the need for training or pre-selection of mechanisms or genes
  • We find all the targets associated with a disease – including many that can’t be found using existing GWAS analysis or solutions relying on mining the scientific literature
  • We deliver partnering ready data packages for targets that match the 5Rs criteria of pharma & biotech
  • In many cases we can identify opportunities to repurpose existing drugs for use with patient sub-groups as shown in our breast cancer example

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