PrecisionLife CEO & Founder Dr Steve Gardner will be taking part in an expert panel discussion at a Virtual Conference and Networking Event looking at ‘Digital Medicine Solutions for COVID-19 on Wednesday April 8th at 2pm.

Organised by the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM), the discussion will cover the application of digital medicine technologies that may address the challenges of the Coronavirus, with a particular focus on:

  • Digital diagnostics and response planning
  • Patient monitoring and management
  • Preventative healthcare digital technologies
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
  • Social isolation and Mental Health

Alongside Steve, panelists will include:

  • Chris Barker – CEO & Founder of Spirit Healthcare (UK)
  • Leon Eisen – CEO & Founder of Oxitone (USA)
  • Prof Jerry Sun – Oncologist (Wuhan, China)
  • Liz Ashall-Payne – CEO & Founder of Orcha (UK)
  • Mary Akangbe – Founder/President Zenith Global Health (UK)
  • Xavier Abadie – Director of International Development Simforhealth (France)
  • Takis Kotis – CEO & Founder of Cambridge Medical Academy
  • Dr Stephanie Oestreich – Head Bridges Partnership (USA)
  • Michael Morgan-Curran – MyCognition (UK)
  • Simon Hooper – CEO of Health Connected Ltd (UK)

For more information, and to register your interest in this event, please click here