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AI Enabled Precision Medicine: Patient Stratification, Drug Repurposing and Combination Therapies

Access to huge patient populations with well-characterized datasets, coupled with novel analytical methods, enables the stratification of complex diseases…

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PrecisionLife featured in Financial Times

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife has been featured in a Financial Times article following our discovery of 68 genes associated…

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68 risk-associated genes identified from analysis of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife’s unique AI platform has found 68 genes associated with risk of developing severe COVID-19 after…

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BIA Life Science Leadership Summit event

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife CEO Steve Gardner and CMO Veronique Bouchet will be leading a workshop on AI/Data Led…

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‘Finding Hidden Treasures’ session at BIO International Convention

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife CEO Dr Steve Gardner will speak on the panel of today’s ‘Finding Hidden Treasures’ session…

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‘Digital Biomarkers’ session at BIO International Convention

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife CEO Dr Steve Gardner will speak on the panel of today’s ‘Digital Biomarkers – a…

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Women in Biotech event

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife CMO Dr Veronique Bouchet will be chairing a session at the BIA’s upcoming Women in…

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59 potential drug re-purposing candidates identified in fight against COVID-19

Oxford, UK – Using PrecisionLife’s proprietary AI enabled precision medicine platform we have identified 59 re-purposing drug candidates that…

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Systematic drug repurposing to enable precision medicine: A case study in breast cancer

Precision medicine and drug repurposing provide an opportunity to ameliorate the challenges of declining pharmaceutical R&D productivity, rising costs…

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PrecisionLife offers support to COVID-19 coronavirus research community

Oxford, UK – PrecisionLife has confirmed it is extending its relationships with some of the largest COVID-19 collaborative research…

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RowAnalytics becomes PrecisionLife in exciting rebrand

Oxford, UK – Building on its guiding principles of insight and innovation, AI-enabled precision medicine company RowAnalytics Ltd has…

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A New Lens, European Biopharmaceutical Review

Access to huge patient datasets and improvements in analytical methods is enabling the teasing apart of complex diseases into…

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Delivering personalized dietary advice for health management and disease prevention

Background and Objectives: Diet plays a huge role in health, both by increasing metabolic disease risks and acutely through…

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Krystyna Taylor, BSc

“I have been working at PrecisionLife since joining as an intern in 2018, analysing a range of different chronic complex diseases from the outset…

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Matthew Pearson, MSc

“I joined PrecisionLife after completing my masters and from the first day in the office I felt this was a team environment I would enjoy working in…

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Leanne Fullwood, PhD

“…The projects I am involved with are exciting and the outcomes have a clinical impact that gives gravity to the contributions I make…

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Sayoni Das, PhD

“…Apart from the focus on innovation, what appeals to me most about PrecisionLife is its diverse, inclusive and collaborative work environment where everyone shares the drive to make a difference…

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Delivering precision medicine: Personalization at scale

Precision medicine promises to deliver improved patient outcomes and lower health-care costs, potentially benefiting millions of patients and saving…

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