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At PrecisionLife, we’re revealing a deeper understanding of disease biology through the combinatorial analysis of patient population datasets. We build high resolution patient stratifications to reveal how complex diseases manifest across patient sub-groups, to understand the drivers of their specific form of a disease, and explain why patients respond differently to certain treatments.

We’re developing a pipeline of disease studies across multiple chronic diseases including neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and immunological disorders. Our studies generate validated novel targets in areas of unmet medical need matched to detailed patient stratification biomarkers, with lead molecules and deep insights into targets’ efficacy potential.

Novel targets for unmet medical need in chronic diseases

Chronic diseases like dementia, COPD, rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes are complex, with multiple genetic, metabolic and epidemiological factors acting together. Existing genetic analysis approaches only scratch the surface of their varied biology.

PrecisionLife’s powerful combinatorial analysis platform reveals deep new insights into how different factors drive disease in different patient sub-groups. We use this to identify drugable targets addressing clinically relevant pockets of unmet medical need in common diseases.

At PrecisionLife we believe that developing successful medicines depends on picking the right target, based on understanding the range of disease biology across your patient population. We couple our unique target discovery platform with the proven 5Rs discovery framework, and extend it to include selection of targets with the right efficacy potential in order to minimize efficacy risks in later clinical trial phases.

INDx Indication Extension

INDx indication extension is precision repositioning with companion patient stratification biomarkers for a faster, cheaper and derisked route to the approval of new therapies to address unmet medical needs and achieve higher returns on R&D investment.

PrecisionLife combinatorial analytics generates more insights into disease biology than any other method. This enables us to perform high-resolution patient stratification for an accurate and scalable route to mapping existing drugs and drug candidates to patient subgroups in new disease indications – finding you high-value commercial opportunities, aligned to your strategic therapeutic areas, with high efficacy prediction scores and faster routes to market.

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The benefits of our approach

Our platform identifies combinations of genomic, phenotypic and clinical features that discriminate between patient sub-groups and define disease risk, prognosis and therapy response in a complex disease population.

Our revolutionary combinatorial approach enables us to reflect the nonlinear additive biological effects caused by feedback loops in genetic and metabolic networks that we know are active in complex, chronic diseases.

We are data agnostic, and can work with a wide range of RWE/clinical trials datasets, GWAS data, genomic/genotyped populations, metabolomic, clinical and epidemiological data to build high resolution disease and patient stratification models.

This deeper understanding of disease biology enables us to deliver:

  • More useful disease insights and clinically relevant targets from large-scale patient datasets than GWAS or similar tools
  • Better options for unmet medical needs, with deep annotation and rich, mechanistically rooted disease models for rapid selection of the best novel targets
  • Earlier de-risking of target selection to explicitly consider and avoid potential late-stage efficacy failures at a pre-clinical stage
  • Better selection criteria and stratification biomarkers for the patients most likely to respond to a new therapy, enabling smaller, faster trials with clearer outcomes and cheaper recruitment


Our approach

What we deliver

PrecisionLife delivers innovative options for addressing unmet medical needs and valuable insights into the biology of complex, chronic diseases, including:

  • High resolution patient stratification showing clinically relevant sub-groups of patients with unmet clinical need – see our Non-T2 asthma disease study.
  • Novel validated drug targets with tool compounds and full 5Rs data packages that are mapped to patient sub-groups and cellular mechanisms implicated in disease – see our ALS disease study.
  • Patient stratification biomarkers that can be used to plan future inclusion/exclusion criteria for clinical trials – see our Non-T2 asthma disease study.
  • Combinatorial Risk Scores – which have theranostic potential and describe individual disease risk and trajectories – see our Type-II diabetes complications study.

How we work with you

We work with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies via collaborative research projects around a specific therapeutic area and target/mechanism. We agree a program in a disease area and identify suitable patient datasets (either sourced from the company, from collaborators or public sources) for in-depth analysis.

We run our deep analytics platform to identify new insights around disease drivers, target selection, stratification biomarkers and predictive disease models. Depending on the preference of a customer and the design of a project, we can also bring our computational chemistry, molecular design and/or in-vitro screening partners to confirm the disease modifying activity of targets and optimize active hits and leads.

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Disease Studies

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Pharma & Biotech
Disease Studies

Non-T2 (Non-Eosinophilic) Asthma

We revealed clear genetic differences between T2 / non-T2 asthma patients, leading to stratification biomarkers and novel, validated targets for non-T2 asthma.

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Pharma & Biotech
Disease Studies


We stratified a schizophrenia patient population to identify disease sub-groups and new targets for treatment responsive and resistant groups.

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