As countries around the world continue to address the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the decision to offer free use of our unique analytics platform to the ongoing collaborative efforts of the medical research community.

Our precisionlife platform can analyze large scale, complex multi-omic and epidemiological data to generate disease insights that are not possible with current tools. It is routinely used to analyze very large anonymized patient datasets (>100,000 patients) and can generate detailed insights into complex diseases within hours.

The platform can be used to help:

  • Identify the complex genetic factors associated with patients’ different disease severity and outcomes
  • Understand risk factors such as smoking, gender, ethnicity, blood group and underlying health conditions
  • Develop tests to identify whether people are at high- / low-risk for serious forms of the disease
  • Inform the hunt for existing drugs that will be effective for given patient sub-groups, especially those at risk of late-stage disease
  • Identify novel drugs targets especially for more serious late-stage disease

To be effective, precisionlife tools require data from a minimum of several hundred COVID-19 patients, ideally including genotype/whole genome sequence with additional data including disease severity, co-morbidities, and epidemiological/phenotype information such as blood group, smoking, gender, ethnicity etc. Our methods work hypothesis-free and do not require training.

The precisionlife platform has been validated on over 20 complex disease studies and with disease specialists, development partners and in pre-clinical assays/models. Several of these studies have focused on respiratory and immune response/auto-immune diseases.

We would welcome contact from any individuals, businesses or government institutions who have questions, or feel they could benefit from this offer.

For more information please contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can.