Disease Studies


Our amazing staff are the foundation of our success and our most precious resource.

We are a diverse team working in Oxford, UK; Copenhagen, Denmark; Warsaw, Poland and Cambridge, MA, USA, sharing our knowledge, experience and talents with our colleagues and partners across the world.

Working for PrecisionLife

If you feel you embody our values and have the desire to make an impact, we invite you to join us and seize the career development opportunities of working in a fast-moving pioneering company with a vision to change healthcare worldwide.  We are transforming the understanding of disease biology, accelerating drug discovery and impacting how healthcare is delivered.

Our current job opportunities are listed below, and please apply online.  If you have any questions about current or future opportunities, please email jobs@precisionlife.com.

Why join us?

Mission and values

We are mission driven and embody our values at work. In our efforts to improve health we actively ensure that we tread lightly on our planet’s resources.

Teamwork and colleagues

We spend a lot of time at work, and want to make it enjoyable and rewarding. We measure satisfaction in team smiles, new disease insights and treatments for unmet needs.

Our impact

We work to improve our understanding of diseases and find new treatment opportunities for patients with complex diseases. It is a great reason to go to work.


We offer competitive salaries, employee share options and a range of benefits from pension schemes to employee support services in these challenging times.

Company culture

We have an open and collaborative culture that values diversity and innovation. Colleagues are supported and encouraged to share ideas and experience.

International outlook

We have operations in four countries with different cultures and traditions. We celebrate this diversity and the skills, experience and networks it connects us to.

Career opportunities

Head of Marketing - UK/ Home Working

Tell our story of driving forward precision medicine, enabling people to live longer, healthier lives.

You will mastermind our marketing plan and communications strategy.

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Application Developer - UK/Denmark

Your opportunity to build systems to deliver better human health.

You will design and build ground-breaking solutions to enable PrecisionLife to deliver systems that help patients to lead longer, healthier lives.

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Human Disease Biologist - UK

Deep insights into chronic disease are overdue - join us to make a difference to patients.

Using your scientific curiosity and our world-leading analytics platforms, you will investigate and resolve new biological mechanisms that create opportunities for innovative treatments and novel medicines.

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What our team says

Sayoni Das, PhD

Head of Bioinformatics

"At PrecisionLife, we are working on identifying better, more personalised ways to treat diseases. Apart from the focus on innovation, what appeals to me most about PrecisionLife is its diverse, inclusive and collaborative work environment where everyone shares the drive to make a difference. We are working closely with clinicians, academics and other industry partners to better understand COVID-19 and sharing these results openly so that we can identify new strategies to tackle the pandemic. I am passionate about my work and very proud of the insights we are generating that are focussed on improving the quality of lives of patients."

Leanne Fullwood, PhD

Data Scientist

"I have been working for precisionLife as a data scientist for just over a year. The projects I am involved with are exciting and the outcomes have a clinical impact that gives gravity to the contributions I make. The team are so friendly and knowledgeable in an array of different areas. There is always someone I can go to when I need support and ideas to further my work. I feel like I am trusted by management to shape the projects I work on and also know I can pick their brains and get their involvement when I am in need. This is a company I have felt at home in from my first day and I am so grateful to work for an organisation that are constantly striving to further the quality of life for people through improvement of healthcare.”

Matthew Pearson, MSc

Senior Data Scientist

"I joined PrecisionLife after completing my masters and from the first day in the office I felt this was a team environment I would enjoy working in. There is a vast range of different skills and technical knowledge within the team which I find very reassuring and helpful. Both as I work on company directed projects and some personal ideas that I have been allowed to develop. From the onset I could immediately tell the importance and value of the work that the team were working on, which has only been reinforced once we began work on COVID-19."

Krystyna Taylor, Msc

Senior Portfolio Manager

"I have been working at PrecisionLife since joining as an intern in 2018, analysing a range of different chronic complex diseases from the outset. Although our work includes a number of therapeutic areas, all our studies focus on addressing areas of distinct unmet medical need. This drives unique insights into diseases that are directly relevant for improving quality of life for patients. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to go to work each morning, the team environment is always full of laughs and positivity, creating a collaborative and friendly atmosphere that gets the most out of everyone."